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I've been streaming Doom Mods and Wads for at least a couple of years now and will be continuing a playthrough of the mod Final Doomer on the Back to Saturn X Episode 2 map pack later tonight. I've also been running through Joel's/Vargskelethor's Doom Mapping Contest Wads as a showcase and of course for fun whenever I can.

I style my stream around retro shooters as well as retro style shooters with a heavy emphasis on checking out a variety of Doom mods (of course I have my favorites). I'll occasionally change it up with some variety or new releases but the Doom content is pretty consistent. 


I typically use the GZDoom source port and prefer using freelook for a more comfortable and free feeling, but I still try to respect the maps rules for the most part (no jumping/crouching unless allowed/required, not breaking puzzles that require shooting a switch).

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Blind TVR! for the DoomWorld Ironman club, Britbowl blood for the Britbowl god.

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Friday at 4:30 PM EST, I'll be livestreaming Doom 4 Vanilla with Doom 2 Hell on Earth. It's really interesting to see a Vanilla compatible Doom 2016 mod, if Doom 2016's concepts went into the 1993 Doom.



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