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Haven't been on Doomworld in years, but recently I've started streaming on Twitch and was thinking of doing some challenge runs with classic Doom, starting with UDoom.


First challenge run I was considering involves the elimination of certain types of items/ammo from the game in stages to see how difficult gameplay becomes because of this in otherwise easy episodes such as Knee Deep in the Dead. If the challenge is a successful one I may condense it into a YouTube video to show the findings of my experiment.


If there's any interest, here's my Twitch channel. I'll announce if I'm going to go online.



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Hey just about to go online!


Starting things simple, doing a 100% UV Playthrough of Knee Deep in the Dead using GZDoom.


If you wish to join, here's the link:




EDIT: For those who missed the stream, here's a video link:



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Take The Crown Qualifier #2 is returning at 3pm EDT TODAY with another clash of wills.

Grab your popcorn and get comfy with an afternoon of Doom Duels.


Going LIVE in an hour.


Tournament Streams








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