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DOOM 2 I Bastion of Chaos I Bridgeburner on Voice

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10 hours ago, Austinado said:

Lets go with some requests shall we?


- A Stygian Anguish by @LVENdead

- InnerHell by @CBM

- HordeTower by @Scileboi

- The Slits of Woe (map20)by @4MaTC


Join In Doomer ;)!




To answer your questions about hordetower, every few waves a Cacodrone will spawn that either drops a ton of health and armor or a ton of ammo. They become more frequent with time. There is also more ammo that you didn´t see and some secrets. The wave lengths and intensity will increase very fast. You´re gonna need that space.


I initially didn´t want to include lost souls into the wave count but for the sake of mod compatability I have to check for total monster count to total kill count instead of counting individual monsters.


That box surrounded by barrels contains a Cyberdemon. Release it whenever you want and kill it to raise a bridge to the BFG and Berserk pack.

The Chaingun and backpack are hidden in the vein maze.


The whole thing also has a story but the new version is still wip. From the beginning I wanted to go for smart ammo management with everything you get feeling earned, but I guess that slow start turns too many people off.

Edited by Scileboi

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