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8 hours ago, Austinado said:

Another DoomWAD requests! 


Today´s  Menu:


- Cross Contamination by @Thorogrimm

- Hyperdeath by @Samuel Slayer


and lets see if we can start with:


- Doom -1 requested by @AtticTelephone


Well Join in! ;)




Thanks for playing my wad! Glad you enjoyed my work and had fun playing it, I might continue the wad some time but I've gotten sidetracked by other projects. I do like to add secrets but they were more training for fun mechanics so if anything they were more me just having fun.

Also that shooting range with the chaingunners on Map 1 didn't activate because it's triggered when they hear you shoot ;)


And that portal mechanic you were wondering about is actually pretty simple! It's done in Doom 2 UDMF with 'Line Set Portal' and change it to 'interactive.' Once you've done that, you make another Line Set Portal (set to interactive as well) somewhere else. The important part is to give both different tags. Example: Line Portal 1, with tag of 1, and Exit Tag 2. Line Portal 2 would have a tag of 2 and Exit Tag of 1. So then you should be able to walk through both of them freely!

Keep in mind that they also should be on the same height and the portal goes as high as the ceilings on either side.


Hope this helps! :)


MAP01 at 2020.09.01 21-52-32.892 [R3539].jpg

MAP01 at 2020.09.01 21-53-04.504 [R3539].jpg

MAP01 at 2020.09.01 21-53-14.600 [R3539].jpg



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