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For the heinous crime of never doing a proper playthrough of E4 in my life, I will pay by doing an almost-blind pistol start UV run! (and also SIGIL, which I've at least played through the first three levels)


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13 hours ago, Austinado said:

Lets try IronEagle : Tyrant


Join In Doomers ;)




Wow! You are back! I thought we'd never see you again. I assumed that you had quit your job, got divorced and were moving to China or something. Glad to have you back :)

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Hey I've been getting into streaming lately and I plan on having a large focus on classic Doom in my channel. I just finished an UV pistol start playthrough of Plutonia and I'll probably be playing some Playstation Doom coop on original hardware soon. 

Some streams are going to be me forcing myself to play whatever comes up when I select the "random" link on the /idgames archive. 

I'm one of those freaks that still uses a CRT monitor in 2020. My channel's aesthetic is all about those retro displays. I'll be up for discussing PVMs, RGB, Trinitrons, scanlines, etc with anyone else who is a retrograde like me. While my stream can't convey the brilliant contrast and smooth motion that a CRT affords, you can be rest assured I'm experiencing it in full glory when I stream. ;P


Dime, you can probably put me in the list with the tags (pistol starts, console doom, random wads). Thanks and I'll see you all *heer*!


Edit: sry can't get rid of the failed embedded link. Didn't want it anyway. 

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