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Today we actually go through No Rest for the Living with a blind UV pistol-start saveless playthrough instead of getting stuck in mandatory secret-hunting progression hell (thanks VESPERAS.WAD) https://twitch.tv/deatsaw


bonus thanks to TEETH.WAD MAP31 for being the first level I didn't complete on stream due to excessively cramped fights, despite the map concept being great


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Time to gouge my eyes out with trashy 90s unofficial commercial WADs! Laura Beyer's Doom [Jul 1994] and The Lost Episodes of Doom [Jan 1995], blind saveless UV pistol-start playthroughs

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First mapping stream! Making a map for the first time in four years and #NaNoWADMo seems like a good motivator, so let's make a Boom SP speedmap with meme line/sector count limitations! NICE.WAD


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