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Doom Streams

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8am - Age of Hell vertical slice reveal
12pm - Bridgeburner map retrospective. Almost every map I've ever made, played live
3pm - Blind playthrough of Adventures of Square
4pm - Live podcast recording with co host TheMotherload. Interviews with special guests
6pm - Adventures of Square continues
7pm - Random bullshit? Among Us, Scribblio, Deathmatch, Coop, Bridgeplays
12am - Playing gifted games from lovely humans
4am - Dying probably. Let's be honest the only thing that will keep me awake will be FEAR. Come save me


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A few days old now, but I did tackle Bastion of Chaos on HNTR:




it was a stream. Only like 3 people came in to see it. Facebook Gaming is slow on the uptake. Seems you have to play certain games to get any traction. 

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DOOM Zero - Happy New Year!

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Going live with a playthrough of 3x3, a Doom community project hosted by Yours Truly. Drunken ramblings about said project may also occur. https://www.twitch.tv/mfg38


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