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Playtesting Tuesday starting with a sexy new map from Elementalism by Bauul, then Hellevator by Violent Beetle et al and then a map by Guardsoul if he turns up.

by Bauu

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Posted (edited)

Live with DooM! Doing some March of the Speeddemons testing to start. Might test maps by @DeathBearOfDeath and @myoldenif they can make it on. In any case...Join, chat, relax, have fun, everybody is welcome :) Also still trying to improve audio, might have new mic soon



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 Special Easter Stream has begun I hope to see of you stop by tonight!


WAD List

  • MAN_WITH_GUN: "Panic Corridors"
  • PeterMoro: "Phobos Abandoned Outpost Part 2"
  • thewaver: "MODs + 9 Maps"
  • Clippy: A few more "Clippy's World" maps?
  • Then Who Knows

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