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Doom Streams

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My friend is streaming DOOM 2! 






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Oh it's that time of the week, time for the latest episode of the THICC and the GIRTHY. Got some nice tasty beverages to try for the first time so if you like pretentious pontification about beer you're in the right place :D
Let's map

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All I wanted to do was download Logitech drivers so I could turn off some annoying touchpad gestures. Instead, their software somehow rendered all of my USB devices useless, including my capture card. I can't even log in to my streaming PC right now because no peripherals will work.


So while I start over and FUCKING REINSTALL WINDOWS, my friend Super Dave will be streaming Kerbal Space Program at 11PM.



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Testing some more DooM maps, probably for Skulltiverse first then Adventures of Square! Everyone welcome to join and chat but going to make sure I'm good with respecting lurks, too [Perhaps a weak point of mine, in the past]



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