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12 hours ago, Suitepee said:



Back to the request list I go, and this time it's SPECTRUM by @Capellan, as requested by.....Capellan.


Up to E3M4 in the video.  So far, you're under-utilising the chaingun, which is making it harder for you than it has to be.  Mr CG is a vital part of the SPECTRUM arsenal because he's much better at shutting down hitscanners than Mr Shotty is.


The E3M3 shotgunner trap is avoidable, btw, if you find the secrets.  It's my favourite thing in the whole mapset because it is way more dickish than I would ever normally do.


My 2nd favourite this is an aspect of E3M4 that I'm not sure if you will discover - I will have to watch further to find out!

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