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Doom Streams

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1 hour ago, fruity lerlups said:

I'm planning a doom stream on Saturday AEST/Friday EST around 10am/8pm!! I'll be playing Ribbiks' Crumpets, attempting to UV-Max single segment each map after a try. Come watch and chat with me, maybe even set up a discord if you wanna VC! Check my youtube for that! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQEDSToVfG_EBHLeHHoKYpw

challenge stream modify.png

im changing this to MSCP!!

challenge stream modify.png

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Posted (edited)

Streaming playtest of new hardcore map by me :)




*Edit: Never mind, obs is silencing the game audio. Gotta go with Twitch, I guess...

Edited by Astro X

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On 5/21/2024 at 8:34 AM, Mr. Meanor said:

more Extra Beany Canned Doom by @Stupid Bunny

Will there be a Mr. Bean reference?



Hope you're enjoying these so far! Let's say the entire set is somehow made of extremely obtuse Mr. Bean references.  Really excited to finish watching your streams.

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