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For those who know what it is, I'll be streaming Evolution of the WAD about an hour after writing this. We'll be discussing Sandy Petersen's maps and his legacy on other mappers and mapsets. Go to https://twitch.tv/capnclever when it starts! (I should have it uploaded later on.)

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I want to apologise to those that came to my livestream this evening expecting more DMP2016 action; I kind of had a bit of a meltdown on cannonball's map as soon as I started (it was quite tricky, I snapped a bit, and then decided to stop streaming after a bit of a rant at myself) and I'm viewing this as another flashpoint in my ongoing improvement of myself....well that and striving to find a balance on how to approach difficulty in general & more specifically with harder Doom maps.


I might take a small break from playing Doom wads, or I might attempt DMP2016 again sometime this weekend. But expect a few more things like that to happen as I strive to find the right balance. Hopefully I'll resolve my internal (somewhat autismo) problems as soon as possible!

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13 hours ago, Suitepee said:

Hopefully I'll resolve my internal (somewhat autismo) problems as soon as possible!

There's a thing called difficulty settings which will certainly spare you a lot of swearing and rants in the future. You just need to swallow your pride and accept thats it's not a shame to play on HMP.

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