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Secretdoom: Disrepair - 10 Map episode for (G)Zdoom

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Disrepair is a 9 (10 counting secret) map episode that makes use of G/ZDoom enhancements, including, but not limited to, DECORATE monsters, 3D Floors, and Scripted Events.
There is also a Survival Mode included, which changes seven of the maps into an endless horde mode with some slight objectives.

Music was pulled from other wads, with the permission of the artists, such as PRIMEVAL and Mr. Freeze. As well as original music composed for this wad by nub_hat. Other music was pulled from archive websites with no credible authors. Textures, monsters, items, etc were pulled from Realm667.

PAR times are based off of the speed run route for each level that I have implemented. If you're wondering why your finish time is so far off, look for some secrets or skips!

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/V2OcF

I also have two videos of some maps.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fVJ8sa7A7s - MAP04 Demo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2OTAJR3kD0 - Survival Mode Demo

And here is the download link. Now on /idgames!

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The gameplay in your maps is fun: the fights are short and exciting, the maps don't get boring. There are some weapons that seem easy to get, but are just out of your reach at first (eg rocket launcher in map 2), a nice tease. The new content is nicely integrated and you don't spam the new stuff.

The first map is a little bit cramped and there's a pillar which obstructs movement (when you come back into the main room after running down the long corridor to hit the switch) - it looks like you can run between it and the wall, but you can't. The Doom sphere turns the chaingun into an uber-weapon, nicely making mincemeat of the heavy hitters.

The second map: when you turn around right at the beginning, the wall above the door is too high and the door texture starts to repeat. When the red bars disappear and you try to cross the crates to get the red key, the sector isn't tall enough for you and you have to deliberately drop down, then climb up, rather than just sprint across the tops of the crates. Love the music.

Third map: Shit gets serious really quickly. The Cacodemons were far more threatening than they appear in most maps - they seemed quick, were deployed in sufficient (but non-spammy) numbers and had no trouble navigating the terrain. Also the Chaingunners were well used. The music got stuck very quickly which was ridiculously annoying. You don't use the demolition men very well though - they are frequently located where they cannot get to the player, so they run around screaming. Combining this with the horrid music bug is migraine fuel. Also, the green nukage area was completely obnoxious, it's like an empty labyrinth with extremely damaging floors, so I'm not sure what the point is. This is the most exciting map so far but the most frustrating.

Fourth map: The colour clashes between the new textures - some of which are in a weird beige/amber theme - and the greens, blues, reds, greys and browns detracts from the enjoyment of this map. Consider looking at the PSX Doom TC for clever use of coloured sectors, which I reckon would have done a lot more for your map. For example, the yellow key area is rather ugly at present, but imagine it with a yellow colour, it would make the same statement but there'd be no colour clash. You still don't handle demo men very well. There's a couple of traps where they leapt out right behind me and blew the shit out of me, with no room to manoeuvre (one time I was battling a Hell Knight and the other was a cramped room where the baddies appeared almost touching me). Apart from these gripes, this is fun, less frustrating than the previous map, with better music. The "destroyed tech base" idea is implemented well apart from the texture clashes.

Fifth map: The predominant colours are green and a 1960s beige, reminding me of an old hospital, but I really felt the colour scheme was a bit ugly. I got the red key without having to lower its platform. Again, demo men are deployed behind a wall where all they can do it run around screaming. Doom's AI is not sufficiently advanced for monsters to find a path towards the player, because if they do, they seem to do it by accident. When there's a long wall between them and you, in this case, they just keep bumping into the wall. The new Cacodemon and Pink Demon were good, it's nice to see new stuff being introduced, but I think I missed the plasma gun if there was one (there was certainly enough ammo for one). The music got stuck again, so not sure if this is my computer's fault. My GZDoom is still set up to look gritty with a capped framerate to deliver a decent PSX experience.

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Music bug in Map03? It doesn't happen on my end so that's weird. As for the nukage tunnel, that is where the secret level entrance is located. You have to shoot a switch in the map somewhere to get access to a radsuit so you don't get killed.

And I'll take note of the map04 stuff and work on that for my future projects. I see what you mean.

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Hi, I just edited my post, you might have missed it.

While my tone might seem very critical, I really did enjoy these maps and am just offering feedback that you and others might disagree with. It must have taken you ages to put these maps together even though they're fairly short.

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Just read it. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the music thing is definitely on your end, also how did you get the key? Also yeah I will be sure to make my bomber locations a bit better. And the first Plasma Gun placement is in a secret for Map 5.

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I just bumped into the column it's standing on but I definitely collected it before lowering the platform.

With all those demo men behind that wall, consider having the bottom half of the wall falling into the floor so they all charge across the room at you.

I'll play through some other maps tomorrow to see if I can replicate the music bug. It's not something that happened when I played through the PSX TC recently, so I don't know.

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