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Doomguy's runfalling speed

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I was messing around with the editor to practice platform jumping and see what kind of gaps the Doom guy can clear versus the height of the drop. I'm looking for some kind of a formula or ratio I guess.

In testing I found that the Doom guy can clear a 256 unit gap at normal running speed if the end point is 128 units below the starting point. If straferunning, he can clear a 384 unit gap if the end point is 192 units below the starting point. I don't think these are exact estimates, but they were a basic starting point. Is there any evidence to support this?

I suppose sr50ing should be measured too. I guess it should also take into account the length of the running start before jumping as well. (i.e. you won't get as far if you started straferunning off a ledge that's 16 units or so from the wall.)

Any help with this would be invaluable and make great info to add in the Doom Wiki :)

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I will calculate it within a few days and extract the formula, just to prove to myself I still can do secondary school maths, but IMO the problem is a bit non-practical, both from player's and mapper's point of view.

As a player, when encountering a big gap, it is easiest just to try it and not open DB, measure the distance and apply the formula. One I had lots of problems with in my early dooming days was a 128 unit gap in AV MAP31 (same level platforms, not much space to get full speed). Another one I'll mention is in Requiem MAP29. It is a 192 unit gap to the blue key, same level platforms, barely doable with strafe 50, impossible with just normal straferunning. Not intended by the mapper.

Now a modern mapper's point of view. To make sure the gap can't be crossed you have to take into account:
- strafe 50
- wallrunning
- occasional thingrunning
- rocket jumping

To make sure the gap can be crossed, just make it pretty easy to cross :)

I'll be back in a few days in this thread.

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OK I encountered the first problem already :)

As a result, I will either state a disclaimer of estimated values, or give two values, a minimum and maximum.

Let's examine a specific case.
The player is walking (MF25 tics)
The player gains full speed which is 8 1/3 map units per tic
The platform the player is on has its floor height Z
The platform the player is jumping onto has its floor height Z+24 (maximum possible).
It is possible for the gap to be 42 units and the player fails the jump.
It is also possible for the gap to be 48 units and the player makes it.
So the result is [41,48] as for now for this specific case (an interval of 41<=Dist<=48)

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