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Ammo Share / Drop ammo.

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Hello, i recently find out that you can share ammo to your team mates in coop. By using

drop clip
drop shell
drop rocketammo
drop cell

but everytime it drop just 1 unit of ammo... Its like i want to give 50 bullets to my teammate i have to do "drop clip" 50 times...
But its okay, i already find script on Zandronum forum (thanks to Ijon Tichy), to drop ammo every second when button is pressed.

Here is this script if you need

bind "f1" "set dropitem clip"
bind "f2" "set dropitem shell"
bind "f3" "set dropitem rocketammo"
bind "f4" "set dropitem cell"
bind "f5" "+drop"

set dropitem "rocketammo"
archivecvar dropitem
alias dropon "set dodrop 1; droploop"
alias dropoff "set dodrop 0"
alias droploop "drop $dropitem; wait 35; test $dodrop \"droploop\""
alias +drop dropon
alias -drop dropoff

f1 - choose bullets
f2 - choose shells
f3 - choose rockets
f4 - choose cell
f5 - drop choosed ammo

But the problem is, that i wont to waste so much time for it, if i want to share 60 bullets i will have to stay 1 minute dropping ammo. In singleplayer game you can press f5 very fast, and drop all needed ammo for like 10 seconds, but in multiplayer game you can drop just 1 unit of ammo per second. If you try to do it faster, this -> "You must wait at least 1 second, before use drop again." message will come.

So the question is is it possible to drop more than 1 ammo at time? or get rid of this limit, (I am the one who make server).

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RocknRoll420 said:

There's better ways to do this I'm sure, but changing wait 35 to wait some smaller number will speed it up.

The delay of 35 is 1 second. if you do the 34 or smaller server will tell "You must wait at least 1 second, before use drop again.".

So 35 is the fastest drop. But noone else answer this thread, looks like this script i have post, the only way to share ammo fast as it possible. Thx to everyone who read. And i hope this script will be usefull to anyone.

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