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My first map (On the internet) for Doom

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Hello, i rescued a old file that contained my first map for Doom 2 that i made in 2010, but, i have to say that this was not my first map, there were like 4 or 5 maps i did years before 2010, but never released on the internet, and, btw, they suck, even more than this map! so, don't spect a very good map.

People who played this told me that it was a ok map to be the first, and i agree with them, i think it's not a good map, but lacks of 1994 map errors that is a point up.
Gameplay is simple and very linear, it's one-way map, like a ship or something and it's very hard, i re-played it some hours ago and died like 4 times.
You can also expect some unaligned textures, bad use of them, weird and/or unfair monster and health placement, etc.
Anyways, enough talk, here are some screenies and a download link, try to enjoy it.

Download: http://deimosvdplas.webcindario.com/mymaps/doomed_base.rar

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