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Doom on Oculus Rift

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printz said:

Such as if someone re-implemented Doom with 90-degree left and right vision, it would be a good addition for Oculus Rift?

Well, as long as anyone would think that a pseudo-3D environment without proper height perspective and with enemies that would appear like cardboard cutouts standing out of their background would look good, then yeah, it would be a good addition.

It saddens me to say it, but Doom 3 (or any of the Quake games) would be a far better candidate for a full stereoscopic experience. By using OpenGL ports you certainly solve the 3D perspective problem for walls/floors, but sprites and weapons would still stick out like sore thumbs. You really need a full upgrade to a full 3D engine, and we all know what that means: no more playable NUTS.WAD ;-)

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Well, I just feel that Quake and Oculus Rift are a perfect match. I think that even during Quake's time there was a lot of hyping about realistic graphic cards and virtual reality for the maximum bloodshed!

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Well, I have Devkit 1, so not all of this applies to newer versions. I'm not going to be supporting the company any further until they've proven themselves to not suck upon launching the consumer version. The slightest bit of interference on Fuckerburg's part and I'm out for good. I have hope that it'll turn out fine in the end, however.

It's got a single 1280x800 panel in it, with the left and right 640 columns reserved for each eye, and some lenses which zoom it in pretty heavily, but cause distortion. It grants some pretty good peripheral view. It actually doesn't look terribly sharp, Imagine running a game in 480x360 and that's kind of what it looks like.

Implementation is actually very simple. To get a proper image, all you have to do is render to the left and right side of the screen with a different camera position, and apply a barrel distortion in the correct amount to each side to compensate for the lens distortion. That's not getting into the head tracking (which has since been gutted in favor of an external camera-based one), or making the game actually comfortable to play.

I've found that low framerates can make me feel slightly sick, but mostly strain my eyes, and that immediate stops in head tracking can be extremely jarring (I'm looking at you, Half-Life 2).

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Tylerisepic1 said:

Too bad that Facebook bought it to use it to "talk with friends online"


Hasn't anyone heard of a webcam or even a IM?

This. The Facebook takeover really lowered my interest in it.

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Sodaholic said:

It actually doesn't look terribly sharp, Imagine running a game in 480x360 and that's kind of what it looks like.

That's perplexing, considering that 90s VR goggles had more or less that kind of nominal resolution.

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Sodaholic said:

I don't think you realize that DoomKid was just kidding. Look at the post above his, which is also sarcastic.

I knew that, and I was just taking the piss.

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