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ZDoom & f.lux

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ZDoom doesn't work with f.lux in fullscreen mode. Works ok if it's windowed...

f.lux makes the screen orange at night/after sunset by removing some of the blue light.

ZDoom seems to ignore the settings from f.lux. Any settings (other than windowed) in ZDoom to get it not ignore/disable f.lux, or is this some kind of bug?

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Back when I used f.lux I found that it didn't work with pretty much any full screen application, with another effect of brightness settings being disabled.

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Flux probably works by either overlaying a transparent alpha element over everything on your screen, or changing the color of GUI elements for every window, or -hopefully- by "talking" to your graphics card driver and using the built-in DAC gamma setting (in hardware). Probably a combination of all three methods, depending on your system.

As such, it generally only work 100% correctly only with "clean" stuff like normal windowed applications, and 100% cooperative drivers that don't revert hardware color temperature settings (if they are supported at all, that is). I'd be surprised if it can intercept and change the screen output of stuff like games and video players in real-time, which use more direct ways of accessing the screen, especially in full-screen modes. In that case, GUI tinting won't be enough.

Anyway, this seems like one of those tasks that are better done by the video card/monitor (hardware) itself.

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