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vanilla bug with linedef 37 / 84 (lower and change texture)

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Here's a trimmed version of Run Like Hell! by Obsidian.

Download (includes buggy and non-buggy versions):

At the start of the map, moving forward lowers that whole middle structure, crossing a linedef type 37 [W1 Floor Lower to Lowest Floor (changes texture)]. However the sectors with the lava flat don't actually change their texture. More importantly, crossing those sectors once they're lowered in Vanilla/Chocolate will sometimes cause a crash, with the message "P_PlayerInSpecialSector: unknown special X" with X being a seemingly random number. (If you want to test this out, you might have to try a few times to get a crash, by starting the map over with New Game or IDCLEV.)

Using linedef 84 (WR) doesn't make a difference, though if you cross the linedefs again once the structure is lowered, the lava flat will then change.

If I delete the rectangle at the right, and optionally redraw it, the bug goes away! So I imagine it has something to do with linedef numbers. But I'm not sure what. It sounds a bit like the Stairs create unknown sector types bug, but not exactly the same. I can only find vague info online, seems people have encountered this before but not commonly. However I've seen it happen a few times now.

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Check out this post by Vermil:

The 'lower to and change texture' linetypes, take the flat from the sector the lowest numbered two sided linedef in the target sector, is attached to.

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Thanks, that at least explains why the working version works. The bug in the non-working version still doesn't make sense to me (why doesn't the texture change at all?) but in the end it doesn't matter.

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