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Deathmatch project

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Oh, and someone really needs to make a proper texture pack for this, too. I tried (by taking the GothicDM textures, saving it as NihilTEX.WAD, and adding textures from there), but I'm new to this sort of thing and have no idea what to do.

Because we'll have to do it sooner or later for when all the maps are compiled, otherwise - with so many textures from different WADs - there'll be HOMs and missing textures everywhere.

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joe-ilya said:

Odamex doesn't support flats on walls and vice versa.

Hang on, but if most of these maps are being developed with GZDoom, and have already done the flat/texture thing, is that really a problem? If so, let me know.

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Joe667 said:

Hang on, but if most of these maps are being developed with GZDoom, and have already done the flat/texture thing, is that really a problem? If so, let me know

Just PM the project manager.
Hell if I know the compatibilities, there aren't even any rules.

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HiHi! Sorry once again for so much inactivity, but I have an updated version of Party like It's 1996! along with a new sky texture and Dwango5's ridiculous gibbing sound (tell me if you don't want it in)!

[Get it here!]

The sky was just ripped straight from 32-in-24 11, and as I don't know all the fancy Slade tricks, it tiles terribly and actually looks quite crappy. If anyone knows of a better way to steal them or of a better space sky, please tell me! Of course, also tell me if you don't like andor want the sky in the WAD.

For PLI1996:
-I removed the left-hand set of backpack pillars and replaced 'em with a nifty Nihil DM logo. What do you think? ;)

-reworked some areas.

-added shameless self advertisement.

-added the music!

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I can't set rules, but if you have a big map you worked hard on, or a medium sized map you attempted to do, I will take it. Don't send shitty maps that are totally unfinished, I had one but I don't want to say anything bad about the guy, but the map wasn't finished. I can't use that. If it's unfinished but it looks presentable, hell I'll take it

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Joe667 said:

Hey, sorry for all the inactivity! In return, here are a few Alpha WIP shots of the map I'm making for you!

Eh? Eh? So far I haven't really got more than a small OK-looking arena, but I'm going to stretch it a lot bigger. Be prepared for woodland architecture and exits built into trees!
Also, I'm in desperate need of a sky texture for a scrolling skybox (yes, a skybox), because the normal cityscape sky just won't cut it.

The map's called Shadow Forest and uses the music track of a similar name (Shadow Wood) from Hexen.

What do you think? ;)

That's beautiful :O
It reminds me of Turok on the PS2... you hit my nostalgia spot... I'm gonna cry :')

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zzzornbringer said:

hey, dunno if this is interesting for you.

i've created (and actually finished) a very small (4 players max) deathmatch map for doom recently. it's a homage to q3dm1 arena gate from quake3.

you can check it out here:


here's the download link.


if you want to use this map in a megawad, mention my name. you may also modify the map but plz don't forget to mention my name.

Hey, I know this is pretty weird, but I made a map in the style of this. I was trying to focus on the structure instead of detail, but I used Hexen format to make it. I also mentioned you in the title, I'll try to post the wad tonight, it feels finished

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Wow, Joe667, I'm loving those screens! Like DoomRenegade said, it has a Turok feel to it. Nice!

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