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Lila Feuer

PrBoom+ question

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I apologize if this has been answered before but I wanted to know when you change the default PrBoom+ complevel '# Misc settings
default_compatibility_level -1' to 2 for Doom 1/2 1.9 compatibility does it affect the compat settings which are these by default...

'# Compatibility settings
comp_zombie 0
comp_infcheat 0
comp_stairs 0
comp_telefrag 0
comp_dropoff 0
comp_falloff 0
comp_staylift 0
comp_doorstuck 0
comp_pursuit 0
comp_vile 0
comp_pain 0
comp_skull 0
comp_blazing 0
comp_doorlight 0
comp_god 0
comp_skymap 0
comp_floors 0
comp_model 0
comp_zerotags 0
comp_moveblock 0
comp_sound 0
comp_666 0
comp_soul 0
comp_maskedanim 0

# PrBoom-plus compatibility settings
comp_ouchface 0
comp_maxhealth 1
comp_translucency 0'

...or do you still have to manually adjust the yeses to noes and vice versa to emulate a strong(er) vanilla Doom environment? I know Chocolate Doom exists for this very reason but in the event I wanted a 'Chocolate Doom Plus' or 'extended vanilla support' for ease of use of certain add-ons (stuff that would naturally be too big/complex for Choco to handle) but wanted it to behave as much like the original engine behavior as possible will simply setting the complevel to 2 automatically make these adjustments for me or do I still have to tamper with the compat settings for further desired effects?

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-complevel 2 affects all the necessary gameplay settings, except for (I think) some overflow settings, like spechits overflows. These can be set in the Emulation section of General Options, or under the "# Prboom-plus emulation settings" heading if you prefer editing the config by hand. Most are enabled by default anyhow I believe. Demos recorded with complevel 2 are compatible with Chocolate Doom as well as doom2.exe, assuming you are playing vanilla-compatible maps. Some cosmetic features (e.g. alternate 'ouch face' code) might be unaffected.

Also, a small plug: consider looking at Crispy Doom, which is based on Chocolate Doom with limits raised to match Doom+. The latest release adds some cosmetic extras but they can almost all be disabled.

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These settings are not altered when you choose a particular complevel. But you do not need to alter them by hand to achieve vanilla behaviour.

The engine simply behaves like the engine that you are asking it to emulate (Doom2.exe in the case of 2; Boom2.02 in the case of 9, etc.).

If the engine it is emulating had a user-set option to behave in a particular way, then the engine will look at the cfg to determine how to behave in that respect. If that engine unconditionally behaved in a particular way, then the setting for that particular option will be ignored.

By and large, most of these settings are only relevant if you use a complevel of 11 (MBF) or higher (up to 17, which is the same as -1). Below that, they are mostly ignored.

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