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doom1.9 can't load wad from custom directory in 9x. Trying to save hdd space.

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Have Final Doom 95 installed and DOS doom and doom2 1.9 (vanilla) as well. Trying to save HDD space by keeping wads in Final Doom 95 folder. But I can't load them from doom1.9 in Win9x dos window or .BAT file. Tried

doom.exe -file C:\games\finald~1\doom.wad
but I get "Game mode indeterminate.".

Is it impossible or can I tell Doom95.exe to find wads in custom folders instead?


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What's happening here is that you're running doom.exe with no IWAD in its own folder, PLUS pointing it to what it thinks is a PWAD, not an IWAD. This prevents it from crashing right away or giving you a missing IWAD error, but causes it to start in a mode where it hasn't found an official IWAD. Congratulations for triggering a little-known feature, BTW ;-)

What you're trying to do requires "-iwad" parameter, which however doesn't exist in vanilla Doom: it's a source port feature. You cannot load external IWADs with vanilla Doom in that way, or any way for that matter.

And, from what I recall, Doom95 isn't very flexible either, when it comes to IWADS: they MUST be in the executable's folder.

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