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First off I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong section.. I thought maybe source port might be better, but just to make sure I am going to see how hot the flame is here first..

I have recently spent a lot of time gaming with a good group of friends. We jump between games always looking for the next best co-op, multiplayer, or general gaming experience. A couple hours ago I remembered that I spent a good majority of my previous deployment in Afghanistan playing Stronghold with a group of guys there. Unfortunately the 'leader' of that group did all the settings and what not for me to play with them, and it was all done on an old computer. Now I am trying to set up a server for me these new friends so we can spend hours killing each other, waves of demons, and general shenanigans. I watched two videos on youtube describing how to set up the Hamachi side of things, and allowing my computer to allow skulltag through its firewall. For some reason I still cant get A. The server to work, and B. my friends being able to find me. A. When I do a start server thing and I join it, it always tells me my version isn't correct.. Obviously I am doing something wrong. Also when I am in the Skulltag main screen, the server list isn't populating.. IS it that I am not connecting to the skulltag servers, or are they actually no longer functional, or something else?

Skulltag isn't populating other servers, says mine isn't responding, and gives me British flag on server list (In the US...)
Friends cant find me on their Skulltag.
When I create a server (from the button at the top of skulltag) and join it, it tells me: Level authentication failed. Please make sure your are using the exact same wad as the server.

If you can help that would be great.

Also using windows 8

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Zandronum basically is Skulltag (the name changed because Skulltag's original creator stopped working on it and he didn't want the remaining dev team to keep using the Skulltag name for something he had no control over anymore) so setting up Hamachi for Zandronum ought to be exactly the same as setting up Hamachi for Skulltag, except you use Zandronum.exe instead of Skulltag.exe.

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why don't you just host a server using Doomseeker(bundled with Zandronum) ?
Check this page for more information on that:

Also you should post your question on Zandronum forum for more accurate replies.
Link here: https://zandronum.com/forum/

I had hosted a Doom server with Doomseeker in the past and it should be relatively easy to do. If a stupid guy like me can do it than anyone can.

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I remember how annoying it was when people kept yelling "SKULLTAGZ IS DEDDED YOUZ ZNANDRO!!!!!" on my post with a similar problem (That still hasn't been given a soloution).

When you get Zandronum, to keep all of the Skulltag stuff (Like weapons, runes and multiplayer maps) you have to make sure your Skulltag_data.pk3 is in the same destination as the program.
But don't just copy it from Skulltag, Zandronum now comes with it!

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