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Nightmare Doom

Doom wad with the largest monster count?

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I wonder what Doom map or megawad that achieved the largest monster count ever? I heard there was a megawad with one of the maps named "The War to end all wars" which is claimed to have the most monster count yet but I'm not so sure if this map exists or not.

Of course though, what about a map that tries to achieve to have over a million or billion or even a trillion monsters? And as a bonus, add a Icon of Sin in there to add even more....

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dannebubinga said:

It's not much fun to play though.

In before, I think this will be the problem of all maps possibly mentioned in this thread.

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I was making the aforementioned "War" map, and I gotta say trying to make a map with the most monsters possible is kinda pointless and the map won't be that fun for the mapper or the player. I burnt out and never finished it, but more power to you if you try this again.

E: You have the wrong goal in mind if you're just trying to make something to prove you can do it like this. The end goal of a mapper should not be a superlative, but to make a fun map. Try making the most fun map you can and if it happens to have the most monsters, fine, but that's not the attitude the mapper should have. I learned this after attempting to do something silly like this.

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