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Strife help?

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Note really sure where to post this.

I'm playing through Strife and I'm totally stuck. All walkthroughs are absolutely useless. I suspect it's some kind of glitch.

This is the second time I'm completely screwed over by this kind of thing (first time wasn't a bug, but a quest that deliberately made the game impossible to complete...). I hope I don't have to replay this friggin' place again just because it messed up.


When you get to the Fortress there's a quest to get to Administration to destroy a computer. I went there and blew up the computer, but when I go back to The Bailey there's still a force field blocking me from getting into the Bishop's Tower.

No walkthroughs mention this. They just say: Destroy computer. Enter bishop's tower. (just like the objective window says)

Now to make things worse, there seems to be no way to get back into administration because a forcefield blocks the way inside. It's POSSIBLE that there was a switch somewhere to disable this force field from the inside, but I didn't see it (and I jumped out a window anyway).

Any ideas?

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I think I remember being stuck here too, can't remember the solution though. There's a switch on an altar I know, that might have been it. Been a while since I've played Strife. Do you know the map # ?

There are some playthroughs of Strife on Youtube, you might get the answer there.

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Are you SURE you destroyed the proper computer? It's a big bunch of pipes with a giant green orb in it. Blackbird will say something to the effect of "Impressive! Let's blow it up!" After blowing it up, it should say "You destroyed the computer!". On your way out she should say "Come on, let's get the hell outta here!".

When exiting Central Admin, walking forward toward the door should remove all the forcefields.

If you did all this, and you're still stuck, and you are playing in a source port, then there's something wrong with that port's implementation of the game. If it is an actively developed port you should report this to its authors ASAP.

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I was lucky and had a save just before I blew up the computer.

Reloading from there this time I got that other message. Might have been a bug last time as I am sure I blew up the computer that time too. Anyway now I can access the Bishop's Tower place. Yey!

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