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I'd like to Contribute an E2M3

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I may need to clean it up a bit and do more to make it fit with Freedoom's other maps. I was attempting to do a Petersen map when I originally made it but I had no idea how his design process actually worked, resulting in merely in a chaotic map with wacky texturing.

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I played through your map last night. I gather from your post that it may not be your latest work.

Geometry and Presentation
The geometry of the level presents a nice variation in height, keeping the eye moving up and down. But the level does still seem noticeably flat, with little variation in floor height. There is no perception of a high and low path.

The level of detail was low to moderate, and seems on the low side for Freedoom. Personally I enjoyed the low level of detail though, I thought it gave the level a more classic aesthetic.

Finally there was good use of lighting to create atmosphere and variation without being overused. Very well done.

Gameplay and Balance
This is where things start to break down. The start of the map is very unbalanced. In the starting area is very little ammo and you are rushed by hoards of sound-alerted enemies from adjacent areas. Most of these mobs do not carry ammo which further expounds the issue. Even on Easy difficulty the map start requires foreknowledge of the map to not end up staring down a horde of imps with your fists.

Ammo does eventually come, and plenty of it. Unfortunately it appears in the wrong order, all before the weapons. It is at the half-way point before the chaingun makes an appearance, at which point there are tons of spare ammo in parts of the map you'd never need to go back to. And there are eight crates of missiles all in the main hub area of the map. The missile launcher? It's in a secret area only accessible after you have access to the map exit and have most likely cleared all mobs you intend on killing.

The easy difficulty of this map is what I would expect of Medium. Maybe it's due to the very harsh start and being forced to fight Barons with shotguns.

I was unable to survive a pistol start on Medium difficulty after 12 attempts. This was after having cleared the map several times on Easy and looking over all of the secrets in Doom Builder.

Finally, most of the secrets in this map are of the nonsensical variety. An example: to reveal the chainsaw you must run over a floor trigger, then run at top speed through two rooms to nack into a nook in the nick of time. It was difficult to find this trigger even in Doom Builder.

Final Thoughts
This map looks like it was designed primarily for multiplayer. At the finish of the map, with all keyed doors and hidden teleporters open it flows like a good DM map should. The item distribution also makes much more sense in this case.

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