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Doom - Evil Unleashed 2.7

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The Shores of Hell – Part 7


A lot of soldiers had been killed here.

My helmet computer had been unable to identify the installation – it didn’t even call the place a “Deimos Anomaly” like the morphed building with the gateway. It simply read: “Cannot identify structure” – just like it did at the structure after the Command center.

This place did resemble a base in many areas, but the elevator from the monorail station was literally missing when I had approached it. There had only been a skull button on the rocky wall in front of me and the ground I was treading on was covered in small, white stones. When I pressed the skull button, I felt the ground rise below my feet and I wounded up in a rocky cave with wooden pillars with skulls carved on their sides.
But some of the other rooms looked like every other man-made installation.

I had just returned to the cave I had first been inside after riding the elevator. I had slaughtered lots of monsters already, but when I looked at my automap, it indicated that the installation was larger and that I had only cleared about half of the building. Even though the map only recorded the areas I had visited, it still gave a good outline of the building and from the looks of it, it would seem that there were many other areas to secure.
I entered a cave, which suddenly turned out to be a typical space station hallway ending in a small room with blue carpet. The room led into another darkened hallway, which had skulls on the walls.

A loud hiss echoed through the hallway as another floating one-eyed “ball” spotted me. I leapt back into cover, whipped out my rocket launcher, jumped back into the floating horror’s view and fired three rockets at it. Two rockets would have been sufficient as the monster already died after the second. The last rocket tore the monster’s already ruined body apart, sending chunks of scaly flesh all over the place and splattered blue blood on the walls.

I ran down the corridor, rounded a corner and found myself in a much larger hallway, filled with brown, spiky creatures. A deep roar in the distance told me that another of these goat “demons” resided here and I could make out its tall shape in the distance.
I began to kill away at the small brown monstrosities, blasting small crowds away with the rocket launcher and then shifting to the shotgun, when they came too close.

The huge goat man came at me fast. The ground shook beneath its hooves with every step. I blew away the last spike creature and retreated into the smaller hallway, quickly shifting to the plasma rifle.

The huge goliath entered the hallway. It was so large that it had to bend over to be in the hallway, seriously hampering its movement. It was a sitting duck and it didn’t realize its mistake until it was far too late. I didn’t give it a chance and its body soon lay crushed on the filthy floor.

I didn’t waste my time, but kept moving, running through the large hallway. The anticipation of soon having conquered Deimos raised my morale and made me eager to get moving, despite the fact that I had become seriously tired.


It was an ordinary human made switch, with a red button. I looked around with my plasma rifle at the ready, only to confirm that there was no opposition left.
I was in one of the rooms of this bizarre building, which looked like the interior of a human base facility. There was a pool of radioactive waste, separating me from the door to the exit. Luckily, I had found a radiation-shielding suit. Without it, I would have been as good as dead by now. The monsters seemed to be immune to radiation, which I found really odd. But then again, humanoid creatures, which could conjure up balls of flame didn’t make a whole lot of sense either.
I better not get any holes in this outfit I thought to myself. One tiny hole would be fatal and spell certain doom for me, so I was probably tenser than I had been up to now.

I fist-hammered the switch, but to my surprise, the whole wall slid up with a horrible metallic screech, revealing yet another button in front of me. An angry hiss sounded behind me and I leapt aside and spun around in mid-air, with my plasma gun raised. A hidden doorway had opened, revealing a room filled with hellish flames and out of the flames floated a hideous shape – a red “bigmouth”.
My reaction had saved me as a ball of electricity scorched the button which had been hidden behind the first switch. I could feel the chaotic forces which allowed the abomination to float as a sort of unpleasant breeze.

My plasma rifle responded with a spray of burning hot death and the white-blue plasma burned into the flesh of the floating terror, melting it’s slimy scales and sending the thing backwards into the fiery room where it came from. It didn’t last long and it soon fell apart. I heard the distorted, gurgling sound of the dying creature as I saw its shape fall in like a tomato being squashed.

I stood for a moment, staring into the red, hellish fire – almost expecting the thing to be spawned again, but when nothing happened, I pressed the other switch and was glad to see that this one raised a footpath across the pool, leading to the exit.
As I stepped onto the path, I discovered that it was seemingly made out of bones – human bones. I stopped right in front of the door and gave the fiery room with the dead “bigmouth” one more glance. This place is turning into Hell! a tiny voice screamed in my mind. Impossible! I thought, but couldn’t shake the feeling that this base was indeed going straight to Hell.

I suddenly felt how sore my limbs really were. Hours of battle and only little time to rest. I had been on the move almost constantly – most other people would have given up by now. I promised myself that I would take a few hours of sleep once I had cleared Deimos of aliens or whatever they were, before I would go out and try and find means for radioing Mars H.Q.

As I expected, there was a switch inside a tiny room behind the door. I raised my hand to press the button.
Where, oh where will this take me?

I got the answer faster than anticipated. I loud, sizzling noise reached my ears and I felt as if I was falling, not downward, but as if I was moving through the air at an unimaginable speed. My whole body went strangely numb and I couldn’t feel my arms, legs or any other body part. I recognized the feeling. It was the side effects of traveling through a teleportation device – but with all the other teleportational devices, the journey had been almost non-existent and had instantaneously brought me to the destination, but this was like a slow-motion teleportation experience. I had only experienced something remotely like it once before – when I stepped through the interstellar gateway between Phobos and Deimos. Only this wasn’t as nightmarish an experience and there were no hallucinations of any kind.

The last thing I thought before my vision briefly blotted out was: What the..? A hidden teleporter?

My vision quickly returned and I realized that I had arrived at my destination. The hidden teleporter must have been an advanced one, capable of transporting entities over longer distances. As I came fully back to my senses, I raised my head and suddenly woke up of my dizziness completely.

Oh shit! What is this place???


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