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new GZDOOM .pk3 game called PMW NATION

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a .pk3 game for the GZDOOM engine. current versions of gzdoom (unless they fixed it) dose not display the player model when in third person view or when playing with others; other players will be invisible!
use custom gzdoom build that comes with the game...

PMW NATION .pk3 for GZDOOM was built with and uses resources from around the internet.

PMW NATION .pk3 is also in beta and under development as a whole story mode with custom maps and resources are being made.

The First video displays the changes that were implemented in the 1.0 update...

The 2nd video is the Release trailer with further information. check it out


18+ or older as there are drug references and excessive violence

PMW NATION is a fully 3d experience for the gzdoom engine

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im as of now working on a new update for this game. something that will give it more of a story mode feel. anyone whos good with and knows ACS and DECORATE hit me up and will work on something great together.

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