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ACS Decompiler?

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Keep in mind what you'll get is a disassembly, not a decompilation. There isn't a 1:1 mapping between ACS source code and ACS byte code (even if you ignore issues like comments and variable names) so the disassembly is most probably not going to be like the original. It'll still recompile to the same bytecode, though.

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While certainly true, listacs has given me very good results even from maps with very complicated scripts.

I'm sure there will be some code somewhere that can trip it up but everything that I have tried has worked, been output in a nice, ordered, readable way and recompiled without error. So while it may not be exactly like the original appearance, chances are, in most cases, it will be functionally the same. i.e. for most modders, most of the time, I suspect that it will do what is needed.

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