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Dominion (maybe)

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Holy shit, that sky texture is amazing. I think it'd work pretty well for the episode 3 moon darkside sky for the Evil Unleashed TC, it it's free to use.

Of course, I don't work on it anymore, so I don't have any authority of how the project gets made, so it's just a suggestion.

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That beautiful sky texture is from the 3rd episode of Memento Mori if you're curious.

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I like the visuals of the maps, but between the heavy usage of hitscanners and relatively sparse health, I found myself constantly on the brink of death. Now, that can be fun, but I found it more frustrating than anything else in these maps. Suppose I could be the bullet and drop a difficulty level, but I got through in the end with some saves. The layouts were great and I found the 90's style progression worked well enough for me to never get lost.

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Phobus said:

drop a difficulty level

never helps on my maps, unless you go as far as ITYTD :)

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