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Putting my Imp into the game.

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Hello there!

I've been looking to add my Imp into the game but I am unsure how. I found the sprites of the Imp in the DoomII.WAD and extracted them and made my own little custom Imp which was all good. I found the sound effects he uses so I know where they are now.

But what I have a problem with is....where are the actual Imp's files? The code that makes him work? I was thinking maybe I had to extract this too and put it with a wad for my imp.

I can import other people's monsters from their wads, into a map, I can sort of make a copy of an existing monster using the original sprites (like in Chubzdoomer's tutorial). But I don't know how to make up my entire own monster.

I've looked at tutorials and topics, but they either explain how to add in another persons monster or they use such language that I can't follow so well. I need a good step by step tutorial on this that doesn't assume I already know everything.

All I wanna do is take the Imp's files, copy them, make a monster wad with my Imp sprites, perhaps edit some properties and jam him in a map or two. So far the sprites I have edited, still have the default names, although I replaced the TROO with letters of my own, numbers are the same.

If anyone can help me than I do thank you! I just want to get a little foothold on this...

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You need DECORATE to give your new monster its new behavior. ZDoom has all of the things'/actors' DECORATE code for the main games it supports built into it. You can find them inside zdoom.pk3 file, more precisely, in the actors directory (you can also find them on the wiki).

So what you want to do is create a lump which is called DECORATE in your WAD, and in it, put your monsters code. When creating the code, you can either copy an existing one, modifying it however you see fit, or, if your monster doesn't differ that much from the monster it's based on, you can go the inheritance route.

Here is an example of an imp with new sprites that has 10x the health of the original imp, immunity to splash damage, and the ability to fire rockets!

ACTOR AwesomeImp : DoomImp 11500 // I'm using inheritance here
  Health 600
    TRO9 AB 10 A_Look
    TRO9 AABBCCDD 3 A_Chase
    TRO9 EF 8 A_FaceTarget
    TRO9 G 6 A_CyberAttack
    Goto See
    TRO9 H 2
    TRO9 H 2 A_Pain
    Goto See
    TRO9 I 8
    TRO9 J 8 A_Scream
    TRO9 K 6
    TRO9 L 6 A_NoBlocking
    TRO9 M -1
    TRO9 N 5
    TRO9 O 5 A_XScream
    TRO9 P 5
    TRO9 Q 5 A_NoBlocking
    TRO9 RST 5
    TRO9 U -1
    TRO9 MLKJI 8
    Goto See
The DECORATE page linked above has some useful links -- check them out.

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Ahh so that's where his code is....I was looking in totally the wrong place hah.

Thanks for the help, this should get me on the right path!

I'll also check out those links too, so thanks once again.

And indeed I have managed to successfully put my cheesy looking imp into a map..thank you again!

And yes, it does have a mohawk >_>

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For most ports you cannot add monsters of your own.
You can use BEX or DEH to overwrite an existing monsters graphics and change some of its characteristics to make it look like a different monster.

Thus, changing the TR to something else will not work. That TR is hardcoded into the engine data tables.

I don't know if Decorate will let you go so far as to use other than the standard TR names for sprites.

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wesleyjohnson said:

I don't know if Decorate will let you go so far as to use other than the standard TR names for sprites.

You can use any arbitrary name for any state. You don't even need to keep using the same name.

Something like this is valid, for example:

BLAH A 5 A_Look
FOO0 B 5 A_Look
BARR Z 3 A_Wander

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Ahh, well I'm not too familiar with a lot of ports and I made my Imp for (G)ZDoom.

So he works in those and the related Zandronum. As for changing TR names, I dunno about that. But I did see the sprites names as TROO and so I changed those to BImp but kept the default numbers and letters as he uses the same amount of frames of the old Imp...he is only just a recolour of the Imp with some properties changed like his health.

So far he is working as I want him too, I got him using the right sounds and animations and all seems to be well with him. I'm just fiddling with some of his properties to make him a decent enemy to fight.

Although he does infight with other Imps, as I guess the game is treating him as a separate species....which I quite like the idea of, it makes the term infighting more appropriate as they are at the end of the day, both Imps.

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