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In living hell.

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1 - The hell marine.
In an alternative dimension the toughest marine has been living in hell, camping in hell, eating in hell, and he developed one hell of an mental disorder.

This marine lives on the edge of sanity, here he hunts for food, here he has his tent. Its Leather cover was made from demonic skin while the poles which shape the tent are not but bones of the fallen.

While he went out to empty his bladder in preparation of madness, his own madness prepares him for the ritualistic slaying of all those whom become damned if they stand before him. no man can tell him how long he has been down there, and not one point of recognition remains. hell became his home, his life, their death incarnate. Whilst on his way to the river of red which shall flush his leavings the hellish marine shoots some former humans into a second death. one unlucky imp which stood between the rain of bullets coming from the red hot chain-gun lost a nice fillet to the hands of hunger an depravity. Whilst depleting his body of garbage a nice fillet is baking on the overheated gun with more than one exit of death. The stench is inhumane yet it could not be avoided as it is the only nourishment in this alien hell.

Although doubtful where the stench originated from, the marine now finished, holds his shaking hands above the grilled meat. His head turns back towards the river of blood while the body starts to follow. A decent marine always washes his hands before he eats, and so his hands are twisting and twirling trough a river of blood, those veins which seem to feed this living hell.

2 - Marine incarnate.

With hands red and drenched the marine becomes pain incarnate.
His goal is no longer that of escape, but one of pure revenge on
these alien demonic invaders. Abandoning the chain-gun and pulling
a strap to slide a plasma gun from his back into his hands he now
stands tall with a vision of grotesque carnage engraved into his mind.

In the distance he noticed converted technology, it was a teleportation terminal. Before he could reach it hoping to find an
area replenished with targets to enhance with plasma holes he must
climb some rocks. With speed and power he rushes upwards and there he
finds action in demonic form and shape. A giant alien demon enhanced with technology made by man catapults the marine backwards with the
help of some explosive waves. As if the marine is inhuman and beyond
those whom he kills, his eyes become motion trackers while falling.

The blue light of death shines upon the target, smoke and excess plasma fill the air. The giant is no more, with its last of powers it could only grab towards his own innards flushing out to the ground.

This is the marine incarnate, war machine 2.0.

*if i mod feels like improving the text layout, please do.
i have a weird super compact text block which gives no clue
about the sentence length.

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