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[Finished] Tech Dead With Lead e1

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-- Tech Dead With Lead Episode 1 : 4 tech base maps. --
Tested on : zdaemon, prboom

Map 01 :

Map 02 :

Map 03 :

Map 04 :

Bug fixed version :

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played last night the first two maps and they are pretty short maps, but i found lots of problems here... a list of them and demos will come soon (i'm on my phone)

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Short and funny mapset, i had some fun playing this... here some FDAs.

A list of the bugs i found playing it and checking it with Doom Builder:

all the maps needs an overhaul of better alignment and put upper and lower walls on the 2-sided walls that needs that treatment....


- lines 210, 212, 408, 410, 728, 730 needs to be changed as type 0

- lines 338, 340, 342 and 345 needs to be impassible imho

- what the hell is this?


- Make the thing 2 (the hanged corpse in the screenshot 2) passable


- I don't get it, but when you cross the lines that lower the red key with the baron, sometimes it lowers down creating the

pit you see in the demo... I checked it out on the editor and i don't found any issue

- made the exit teleport more obvious, lock it with a door or some kind of hidden sector that reveals after finishing the

canyon / sewer section

Bug spoliered because is a secret room


Put a shortcut in the flesh maze for devoy useless backtracking


- linedef 106 needs to be changed from sw1dirt to cement texture

- lines 426, 428, 436, 438, 446, 448, 456, 458 needs to be unlowered / unpegged and set to type 0

- also tag the lines 419, 427, 432, 437, 442, 447, 452, 457 to a new tagged sectors, so the lifts will works on non-zdoom ports too.

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First of all, thank you for this in depth bug hunting.

In more then 10 play tests i have yet to find the pit problem
in map 03. it only happened in the 4 first play-tests when i made this. I suspect most of these weird linedef settings are a side-effect of using the old slade map editor.

- the pit and hanging corpse :
very odd, i will definitely try to hunt those down.

-> the alignment :
sorry, but it do not get that.

Those FDA's are much apreciated, they where fun to watch next to
the odd pit bug.

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if i come so far to finding all those linedefs (lol), do you want a
credit in the text as the tester ?

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Bug fix version as done acording to walter confalonieri his guide.
tested to function on prboom now.


walter confalonieri said:
- I don't get it, but when you cross the lines that lower the red key with the baron, sometimes it lowers down creating the

pit you see in the demo... I checked it out on the editor and i don't found any issue

I think it had to do with the distance between the two linedefs.
The raise the pillar and raise the floor linedefs where very close to each other, putting them further apart seems to have fixed it completely in the play tests.

the only modernised port that had this problem was prboom,
zandronum, and zdaemon never failed.

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I downloaded the old non-bugfixed version a while ago and just played it now. Glad to see that many of the problems have been addressed. Here's a continuous FDA in PrBoom+ cl2 if you want, I get stuck at one point and have to blow myself up, but that's probably not an issue in the bugfixed version.


Anyhow the maps were pretty easy and a fairly simple. I did really like the stepped tech stuff though, it's a good theme. The layouts are generally good too. The new graphics were kind of icky, the green forcefield especially looks kind of MS-paint like and quite plain, I'm not sure what you can do to make it better though. The level name graphics are also weird and don't really fit against the Doom font.

Using doorkey textures for other things is kind of annoying. Especially when some of them are doors and some aren't.

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cool, short levels. two tips:

1) if you know the player has the SSG then setting up an encounter of four Zombiemen in a tight group is just a way of increasing the body count, paying out chaingun ammo and not really increasing the level's threat - the mid-tier Doom 2 monsters like Arachnotron or Revenant would do a lot to justify the presence of such a powerful gun.

2) your secrets are currently easy to find. to make them more satisfying you could associate small gimmicks like triggers you run between or small buttons hidden in depressions... the doom map design is really versatile in terms of allowing the designer to create original locks!

but never mind that, if you're happy with the maps then all's well. i liked the decoration!

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Sorry to bump this, I only discovered the last two answers on this thread today, as i lost track of this ever since i posted the bugfix.
Thanks for the tips and the demo (plums) which for me are new as of today.

-> Edit :
I seem to have figured it out... it seems i have accidently overwritten the non bug fixed version with the bug fixed one... I tend to delete all but the finished versions of my wads.

=== PRE-EDIT ===
But i have one problem with this demo lump, it seems you are doing nothing but bumping walls, shooting walls, and ending up dead by zombiemen.

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