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Hunting for Doom PSP

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I've been searching for a good while for a functioning DOOM signed homebrew, for the PlayStation Portable. I'm not looking for anything TOO fancy-schmansy, I just want it to play Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, and the Final DOOM WADs, with sounds and music (Even if it comes out sounding 8-bit). I was hoping it could play online with Vanilla and/or Chocolate DOOM, but I can live without it. I Understand that I'll need to already own said WADs and load them myself. I have a PSP-2000, running OS 6.60.

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I Know this is possible, because I've run homebrews of Duke Nukem 3D (with minor issues, such as Hall of Mirror effect in mirrors, Duke rarely talking, even when supposed to, and not being able to run fast enough to jump across the pillars to beat Red Light District) and Quake, in my unmodded OS. The homebrews I've tried will show an icon and background, but when I press X, it says "The game cannot be started. The game data is corrupted."

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