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Zandorum Multiplayer Help

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Good evening everyone. First off I want too deeply apologize for noobishness, improper grammar and or spelling. Thanks for reading beyond this.

Ok so I have a good group of Teamspeak friends. We enjoy playing different games together and are always looking for a new and awesome multiplayer experience. A couple weeks ago I remembered that while I was deployed in Afghanistan some buddies and I had a LAN connection or such going with Skulltag and we had a blast together. One of those guys did all the techy type stuff to get it running on that old computer. Now though I have no clue how to set it all up.

I am running windows 8 on a HP Envy Pheonix (Dont remember exact model number, and Ihave a baby in my lap so am not going to be able to check for awhile.)
Basically I want to be able to play a multiplayer game with 2-4 friends. Preferably Stronghold, or a good coop WAD. It would be awesome to figure out normal Doom2 WAD, but I cant. We have and use Hamachi.

I kinda started the process already by watching 2 videos for Skulltag about opening the ports and setting up the actual server. I got the server set up in Zandorum, but all I get is 'No Response', and my friends cant connect too me, or find me.

If someone could just start from square one, that would be great as I think I may have fucked shit up at this point.

TL:DR Need square one, barney basics, directions on how to set up Zandorum for Hamachi use, with Stronghold or other CO-op stuff (recomendations would be nice.). Please?

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