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reality 2.0

My first two wads.

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Hello doomworld.

I thought I would share with you my first two wads I've created. My first one is the one I submitted for the doomworld mega project 2014. I finished the first one back in mid march. My 2nd one I finished a few days ago. I feel my first one is too 1994-ish. I also feel my 2nd one is an improvement over the first one.

here is my first wad

my 2nd wad

enjoy! please comment on how I can improve, I need it.

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Hello. There isn't much to say about these very simple maps. They demonstrate that you've learned some of the most basic concepts like doors and some other triggers but that's about it. There is really just not enough substance to say more about them. So just keep on mapping, try gradually increasing the complexity of your maps, experiment with more triggers and stuff, etc. Good luck.

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There's not too much to say about the first one. On the second one, the large steps area has some potential for an increase in conflict as you go down. It starts off with 2 Barons at the top, and although there's sufficient ammo to deal with them easily, and because it didn't look like all the steps had enemies on them, that looks like a good place to start off with weaker enemies at the top and have stronger ones down the bottom. Halfway down (approximately) there's a step on the far side that you can't get to, which is possibly a good place for a Revenant or two to snipe at you from, especially as there is rocket ammo around. The Cyberdemon in the B/Y key room does feel somewhat out of the blue, especially as there isn't enough ammo in the non-secret areas to deal with him. (Only ran through one of the secrets)

There's potential for that map to be something pretty good though I think. When I get sufficient time later in the year I'm going to get to grips with Doom Builder, so it's cool for me to see what someone else new to making maps is putting out. Keep going!

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the enemies on the stairs as you head down was my original intent. I decided to make a few portions blank because I felt with the two pain elementals on the harder difficulties, it would be too overwhelming. As for the cyberdemon, I put in one special, but hard to find secret created just for dealing with it.

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