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Professor Sir

Interesting weapon idea: how do I do this?

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I am currently trying to make a (never to be released) weapon mod, but an idea for a weapon is still confusing me.

The weapon I'm trying to make will only alert enemies if it hits them. That came out strange. What i mean is it would trigger the whole room once you hit a single enemy. Otherwise, it wouldn't attract any attention. Think "screaming enemy" and you got what I'm thinking for the weapon. I tried to find where to do this, but got no results.

Could you help a guy noob out?

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You can modify a gun to shoot an invisible dummy object that spawns an "alerter" so to say when the projectile dies.

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Put WEAPON.NOALERT in the weapon definition in DECORATE. Then, I'm not sure how exactly, but do what BloodyAcid said - some kind of an "alerter" released from the projectile when it hits the monster. Or otherwise, if you manage to detect that a monster was hit. You might find this action function useful.

Maybe you'd need to alter DECORATE definitions of all monsters, give them a special Pain state for your weapon's defined DamageType, and make them spawn an alerter in this Pain state.

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you more at the moment than with these wild guesses.

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