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more doom!!!!!!!!

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Taken from Shacknews (read the updates as well):

New "id Games" @ QuakeCon [07:49 pm]
352 Comments / Flat / DThread - Steve Gibson

id Software's PR company, The Bohle Company sent me along a cute little PR announcing that QuakeCon 2001 will play host to a new id Software game announcement. DOOM has already been announced a while back so you can pretty much count on it being something new. Here's what the PR says:



Now given the known id Software franchises lets lookie.. We can assume by knowing that id Software is working on DOOM that it will be a contracted out title using a known id Software IP because it's being called "games from id Software" and where the PR came from. Now we know that Wolfenstein is being done by Gray Matter and DOOM is being done by id Software. So that leaves...

update: Keep in mind that it's "id games" being plural. Place your bets.

update by Maarten: From Gamespot comes this bit of news.

GameSpot has received word that id Software plans to show more of Doom III at this year's QuakeCon, which is being held from August 9 to August 12 in Mesquite, Texas

More Doom, yay.

Update 1:

Other sources report that id will show more of Doom lll and will probably show Doom on the GBA or announce Quake 4 for the Xbox (that if announced, WON'T be done by them - like RTCW).

We'll have to wait till August 10th to find out!

Update 2:

If Quake 4 for Xbox will be announced on QC, then my rumours about this (remember my interview post?) were correct after all!

The interview back then said that id software has recieved exclusive (!) XDK of the Xbox and are preparing together with a third party company (who might it be?) Quake 4 for the Xbox.

Update 3:

Taken from shacknews again :)

Holiday Speculation [08:51 am]
33 Comments / Flat / DThread - Steve Gibson

Ok considering it'll probably be a not exactly eventful day today considering the holiday here in the US I figured we could speculate a little bit more about what's going to be announced at QuakeCon. Here are a few things to consider when trying to figure it out.

- Most likely a known id property. (SoD / Wolf / DOOM / Quake / Quest?)
- Most likely a contracted out job. I'd bet on Raven and/or possibly Nerve Software?
- Probably not a port. (Although ports may be announced)
- More than one annoucement.

I prodded the PR guy a little bit about my own suspicions and he responded with "I have said absolutely nothing. You would be speculating." I thought that was pretty cool. :) At any rate in addition to the announcement we'll also probably see some more DOOM stuff which I'll be on hand for and make available for you guys within a few minutes of it being revealed. (At least that is the plan! hah!)

Update 4:

Taken from stomped:

Guess On id Game
[ 7 Comments ] Vangie "Aurora" Beal @ 1:45 PM Your Time
PC Games > First Person Shooters, Articles > Miscellaneous

After seeing the mention of new id games in a recent press release (see story) PCGameZone took a look at the facts and came up with an article stating why they believe id will be showing a "Quake 4" game. The article contains no official word from anyone at id, but it is still an interesting read.

Here is the link to the article:



Update 5:

I recieved an offical word from Paul Jaquays:


"Paul, if this information is not classified:
Will you be showing more of DOOM on QuakeCon 2001?"

"Will you be announcing a new game?"


This is pretty much all I can say.




That's what our PR firm released.

Paul Jaquays
id Software: Designer

Update 6:

3dactionplanet has posted a nice article with their speculations on the "new id games".

The article also includes some comments from Todd Hollenshead.

Here is one of his comments that generated lots of buzz:

"We love nothing better than to make fans happy. From reading the message boards I don't know if they would be more pleased to see something new or to be surprised by the game when we're done with it. And for the record, the name is definitely not "DOOM III". Or at least not yet, anyway. As far as I know."

Maybe we are the message boards!!

The whole article can be found here:


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This is great news.
Now we get to play Doom III and Quake4 in a while!
Great, great, great!!!

Can't wait till the 10th of August. Thanks for bringing us the news Dima.

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Doing my duty!

Actually, QuakeCon 2001 takes place on 9th till 12th of August but I heard that the actual announcement (or announcements) will happen on August 10th.

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This is great news. Don't you get it people? Remember when Robert Duffy said in his .plan file that they were completing their first DOOM development deadline?

Guess why. QuakeCon '01.

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Yep, now I understand why couldn't I get Fredo to talk about this :)

BTW Zaldron, Duffy said that they are completing their first DOOM deadline not in his .plan update but personally to Stomped.

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Plan, article, candy corn, it's all the same.

Anyway, I wonder what kind of info we'll get? Shots? Movies? First Looks? Gameplay specifics?

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Zaldron - Let's hope for EVERYTHING (shots, movies, gameplay details, first looks, etc...).

Disorder - LOL.

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I don't know why, but I'm allways very interested in the interface. I'd sure like to see some of that.
And I'd like to see some more of that damn demon from that macworld-movie. I stil wonder what kind of demon it is................

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The UI plays a big role in scary games. There's a simple equation for this :


I know I'll be playing DOOM with all the UI deactivated (using console commands like Q3A). Now that's scary, you don't even know how many bullets are left in the clip, you gotta count them. :)

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So, what if ID doesn't put a UI in the game?
They probably will ofcourse. But it would be nice if they'd do it like this ---> The higher the skill-level, the less UI. (On NIGHTMARE, this would mean: No ammo-info, no health-info)

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That would be nice. Afterall, your health meter shouldn't read "87.356%", but something like "Injured". Or maybe no meter at all, and your health depends on the noises of the marine, and the dripping blood.

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THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! OMG! More Doom III exclusive footage, or maybe even more *drools* Doom for GBA {THAT MEANS ILL BE ABLE TO PLAY DOOM EVEN ON LONG CAR TRIPS!} *drools*

QuakeIIII? Thats also pretty cool! Q4.. I wonder what it would be like? If it would be based of any of the previouse quakes, or just an all new game with the Quake title? {like the past three}.

I know im going to try my hardest to get to QuakeCon2k1 .. even if it means walking all the way from Michigan! -Jeremy

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Oops, lol. But hey, if its QuakeIV, what would the symbol look like? It would have to be "IIII".. hmm. Im gonna go make some sketches and upload them sometime :)

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