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T-Style: Demons in the Mist (Official Doomworld Thread) (GZDoom)

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[color=red]Warning: Due to the nature of the levels from the original game that this mod's levelset is inspired by (Turok - Dinosaur Hunter), platforming is to be expected as well as crouching to enter a drainage pipe leading to a secret in level five.
Second Warning: This mod borrows some jungle props from TESII: Daggerfall and a single Palm Tree from Necrodome.[/color]

Now that I got that out of the way, I think I should explain what this mod is about. I think I'll just qoute myself from the thread over on the Zdoom forums.

I decided that I was going to make a GZDoom Hub that pays tribute to, and has levels themed off of the original eight levels of Turok - Dinosaur Hunter. This basically means that the Gameplay is going to be a hybrid of Turok and Doom's gameplay to a certain limit.

But there is a slight bit more to this mod than just levels. For Instance, I have created a special category of rare "superammo" for the Shotgun, Super shotgun and Plasma rifle so far (Explosive Shells (Kyle873 helped me out on this one), and Fusion Cells. Don't worry, they have been properly balanced and they function like the alt ammo in T1. meaning that you can't swap between the normal and "super" ammo and have to use up the "super" ammo before going back to the normal ammo). Another thing that I have done is reworking the Chaingun to act more the Minigun from T1 and coding an Assault Rifle that functions like the one from Turok 1. (Don't worry, the sprites are appropriately doom styled and centered and the two aforementioned weapons have been tweaked and balanced against each other until they were just right.) as well as a proper doom styled Grenade Launcher (nope, not using the sprites from KDIZD or Skulltag, the GL's sprites are actually from OSJClatchford, still trying to make it feel right and balance it so that it does not get obsoleted by the Rocket Launcher) (Really should consider writing a changelog)

Levels Done so far.

  • The Hub (The Hub Ruins) a loose approximation of the original, with completely redesigned hub portals (100%)
  • Level One (Ancient Canyons) Jungle/Canyon (100%)
  • Level Two (The Deep Jungle) Jungle/Riverside/Plateau (55%)
  • Level Three (*The Lost City Revisited) Ancient City (0%)
  • Level Four (Currently Unnamed) Mostly outdoor Ancient Ruins (0%)
  • Level Five (The Catacombs Revisited) Ancient Catacombs (0%)
  • Level Six (Currently Unnamed) Treetop Village (0%)
  • Level Seven (The Lost Lands Revisited) badlands with demonic techbase exterior(45%)
  • Level Eight (Currently Unnamed) A sorta techbase-y demonic fortress
Some older screenshots

And now for the who's who of people who have either helped me, gave me some resources or people who I have borrow resources from.

I wish to thank the following people for their valuable assistance and contributions so far:

  • Main Texture Set by DefconRazor32 (A shame he quit working on it, these textures fit really well with the textures from Turok 1)
  • Kaiser for being so kind and ripping the actual textures and sound effects from the N64 version of Turok - Dinosaur Hunter for me. (welp, looks like I have quite a few IOU's to deal with)
  • CaptainToenail for his Palm Trees and Seaweed
  • Mor'ladim for his Rune Skull Pillars (I used one of them as the prop for the checkpoint system)
  • Doomified Turok Health Bonus Sprites by Eriance (Thank you Eriance, I owe you one) (I'm also using his pistol toting former human replacement)
  • Unique Ammo, Armor and Health Pickup sounds code by Kinsie (borrowed from his doom enhanced mod)
  • The Skulltag Team for the Dark Imp, Cacolatern, SuperShotgun Zombie, Hectubus, Belphegor, Blood Demon and the Time Freeze Sphere (Yeah about that, Don't worry I intend on using these foes responsibly. There are certain niches in Turok's enemy hierarchy that can't just quite be filled out by the original doom monsters)
  • Espi for the Stone Imp (This monster will appear in Level Five)
  • Dusk for the Underwater Music Script
  • Kate for helping me out with the checkpoint system script (I owe you one as well!)
  • Raven Software for the Wall and Snake Torches from Heretic and the single palm tree sprite from Necrodome
  • Bethesda for the other palm trees and jungle flora from Daggerfall
  • zrrion the insect for his Fire Bowl (this prop will really be useful)
  • JoeyTD for his AK47 sprites (This is being used as the Assault Rifle)
  • Xaser for helping me polish the world key sprites that I hastily cobbled together
  • Kyle873 for helping me with an issue in SBARINFO involving the world keys, moving the checkpoint and underwater music script into a global library and getting explosive shells for both shotguns implemented. (The Explosive shells could use a little more polish but otherwise I think it's good, Also I owe Kyle big time)
  • Jimmy and Marrub for helping me out with the BIGFONT and SMALLFONT
  • Water for giving me advice in regards to the custom PLAYPAL
  • Edward850 for overhauling and improving on the coding for the explosive shells, overhauling the checkpoint system, and pointing out some vital improvements I could make (thanks a trillion!)
  • Tormentor667 and Arch for the Bullet Ricochets and Blood splatter code respectively
  • Sgt. "Sarge" Shivers for making an awesome TITLEPIC and for improving the flashes for the assault rifle. You Rock!
  • osjclatchford for his nifty grenade launcher sprites

For those of you who are now curious, I have an older public beta that you can all try out: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7624816/DooM%20Works/Releases/T-Style%20MAP01%20Public%20Alpha.pk3

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Sorry I took so long to look at this. It looks really good! Let me know if you want any help or would like to work on my project. Mine is focused on multiplayer and Turok Rage Wars also please feel free to post on my page to draw people to your mod :)

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But I digress, I will admit that I need some assistance with certain aspects of this project. Here is a list of things that I need to do and some things I need criticisms on before I can release the next public alpha of this project.

  • I need some alpha testers and gameplay critics. My current concerns is the weapons "feel" and balance. Especially the Grenade launcher and the tweaks I did to the Chaingun. My concern with the former is that despite my best efforts the grenade launcher somehow feels weak and unpolished. My concerns with the latter is that the Chaingun might be OP.
  • I am also concerned that I may be putting too many health bonus pickups throughout the levels so far.
  • I still need to finish Level Two, but I need some play testers to play through it for singleplayer and co-op balancing purposes.
If anyone wishes to assist me, please don't hesitate to PM me. Even If I do have a bad habit of hesitating on certain things.

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