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Magic texture renamer?

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Is there a magic tool that can rename textures but it's also like very smart and can automatically edit PNAMES\TEXTURES\etc where necessary and also rename the textures everywhere in the levels? If no pls make it.

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At this point I'd recommend opening the wad in a hex editor (my personal favorite is HxD) and using its built-in search and replace function.

You can rename all textures in all levels of an open wad with SLADE 3 (Archive->Maintenance->Replace in maps; you can choose separately if it affects upper textures, middle textures, lower textures, floor flats, and ceiling flats); but you'll need to rename the texture in TEXTURE1/TEXTURE2 as a separate step.

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Wow, you can just rename everything in a hex editor and it will work, that's cute. Gonna try it tomorrow, thanks.

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