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[Zandronum] Heracross' GvH Addons

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So I saw a GvH server with a lot of extra classes (not LoS or NS- the base file was the original), and it inspired me to make my own. This thread will be dedicated to all of my custom classes.

Boba Fett

(Or, if you do not want to use a specific character name, call him Mandalorian)

One night, he was sent to an abandoned techbase by Jabba the Hutt for his biggest bounty yet- a fellow Hutt whose palace rivaled Jabba's. Jabba claimed that the Hutt was hiding there, but when Fett arrived, he found something way different hiding there. Jabba's going to owe him extra...
(Alright, it may be screwing with time periods, but to be fair, we have medieval hunters, space marines, and cyborgs all in one :P )

I tried not to make Boba Fett just a "let's put him 'cause it'd be cool" class, and I tried to make him balanced. His abilities and gear are as follows:

Weapon 1- EE-3 Carbine
Boba Fett's signature weapon, the EE-3 Carbine, serves as his primary weapon in this addon. It fires blaster bolts in 3 round bursts, and can be zoomed in for some extra accuracy. It has 60 shots, with each burst counting as 3.
Weapon 2- Wrist Rockets
Fett wields a wrist-mounted rocket launcher that holds 4 small but very powerful rockets. Besides cosmetics and damage, it acts like the standard Doom rocket.
Weapon 3- Wrist Laser
As a backup weapon, Fett can use another wrist-mounted weapon that fires blaster bolts. The bolts do half of the Carbine's bolts, and fire at a slower rate of fire.
Special: Jetpack
Boba Fett. unlike Cyborg, has a rechargable jetpack. To use his Jetpack, press the Use Inventory key. It will quickly eat fuel, but he will recharge it by standing still while not flying. To turn it off, press the key again.
Boba Fett has 125 hit points.

-Jetpack is very useful to escape ghouls.
-Wrist missiles are extremely powerful against even tank enemies.
-EE-3 is moderately powerful and very useful in tight areas where spread shouldn't matter.
-100% projectiles- aiming with blasters is harder than hitscans
-5x damage from Creeper balls (to balance flying) and 2x from Dark Being's attacks
-When on ground, he is somewhat slow.

SCREENSHOTS! Everyone loves screenshots! (Sorry for bad accuracy, the screenshot button is too far away from the strafe buttons or mouse.)

**HUD Sprites
By Barry Brien (From DF-21) (EE-3 and arm color modified by me) and LucasArts 
EE-3 Scope by Rouge (Unused Strife content)
**Boba Fett Sprites
By LucasArts
Rocket Sprites from Freedoom (Scuba Steve?)
Cutmanmike for code segments and references
Gun/Fett Sounds by LucasArts
Wrist Rocket Launch sound by id
Please give me any tips and suggestions to help balance and improve Fett. Thank you. :D

Dark Being

In the Middle Ages, he was born to two members of a cult who terrorized a city in Britain. The cult believed in an ancient deity who would, in time, bring death to the weak and prosperity to the strong, promising a prosperous world as a result. In his early years, his mother was taken for a sacrifice and his father was killed by knights in a battle. Orphaned, he was noted by the high-ranking cultists for his great darkness powers given his age, and he was trained in the dark arts. He rose through the ranks, and became the Almighty's Great Dark Mage. He worked on the ultimate spell- a spell for infinite life. Eventually, the cult was wiped out by the King's best knights, but the Great Dark Mage was the final resistor. Minutes before his certain death, he tried to use the spell on himself. As he was impaled by a knight's sword, he promised that he would live again, and bring back the cult. His soul returned centuries later, and his spell partially worked- however he was resurrected as a ghoul. He traveled far and wide until he found the forbidden forest and met the Yurei. The Yurei, made powerful by her supernatural powers, claimed to be the Almighty God that the cult had been looking for, and she promised to bring him life anew if he dedicated himself to serving her and eliminating the weak. The Great Dark Mage eagerly accepted, and was empowered further by the Yurei. Now, when he is spotted in the Forbidden Forest, he is known only as the Dark Being. (For something I made up on the spot, I'm pretty proud of that!)

Weapon 1- Bite
Like many other ghouls, the Dark Being attacks with a bite attack. This particular attack a bit slower and a bit stronger than Choke's bite.
Weapon 2A- Blinding Ball
The Dark Being retains some spells from his human life. The blinding ball travels faster and does more damage than a Creeper ball, and causes a fog to temporarily follow the victim, blocking his view.
Weapon 3- Dark Fog
With Yurei's aid, the Dark Being also learned a powerful new spell. The Dark Fog travels along the ground and spreads smaller fogs, doing radius damage.
Special: Dark Regeneration
Using the very spell that made him into a ghoul in the first place, the Dark Being can regenerate his health up to 50 hit points. To do this, you must find a dark sector (technically a light level of 128 or below) and press the Use Inventory key. If your health is under 50 and the sector light level is 128 or under, you will regenerate health so long as you stand still.
The Dark Being has 125 hit points.

-Floorhugger- does not need to jump, and can walk over tall ledges like the Jitterskull.
-The Dark Regeneration can be extremely helpful in a pinch.
-The Dark Fog can spread far, dealing a good amount of damage. Can also serve as an anti-camper weapon.
-Hard to attack flying targets
-2x Damage from Fire Arrows and Ghostbuster's Proton beams
-Can damage himself with his own Dark Fog, albeit only 1/4 of the damage. Be careful!

~~~~~BOBA FETT:~~~~~
**HUD Sprites
By Barry Brien (From DF-21) and LucasArts (EE-3 and arm color modified by me)
EE-3 Scope by Rouge
**Boba Fett Sprites
By LucasArts
Rocket Sprites from Freedoom (Scuba Steve?)
Cutmanmike for code segments and references
Gun/Fett Sounds by LucasArts
Wrist Rocket Launch sound by id
~~~~~DARK BEING:~~~~~
Taken from Halloween-masks.com edited by me
Projectile by Eriance (Ball) and Raven (Fog)
By Eriance
**HUD Sprites
By CutmanMike(Same as Jitterskull's)
I'd also like to give my MAJOR thanks to Cruduxy Pegg and Unholypimpin, because they helped me get through a frustrating crash. Without them, this wouldn't be out today.




PLEASE, give your feedback and balancing suggestions! (I can only test on bots, and since they are totally stupid, that can't help determine balance well)

EDIT: Version 1.2 out! Dark Fog nerf, new jetpack system, walking sprites for Boba Fett! (Not best quality, mostly copy-paste from Dark Trooper with editing, but does the job).

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