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[Abandoned] Rusting hell texture wad [Alpha ver.]

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Edit : 16 aug 2015
This was a simpel, weird,private experiment which i made public when it should not have been and has been abandoned. All the links will die when i clean the Dropbox account... @any active moderator, this thread might be better of when deleted.

original post ; 20 april 2014

Work in progress preview : Rusting hell textures.

Slowly but surely this wil become patch wad with 16 to 20 rusting textures...
or a combination of the look with the alien HELL. Things are going slow because it is constantly tested to make sure the look will not break.

to give an insight in the intended look this thread will hold test wads with one barebones map which shows multiple ways of using it...
to create an atmosphere. These test versions can be used by anybody as a base to expand and modify, and any TEST version its content can already be used to, just have the 'decency' to credit. Actually i would even be severely interrested to see what some extreme speedmapping could cook up with the test versions.

Alpha/Beta previews :
-> they will expand in content, but slowly.
-> they hold no monsters, only a player start to look around.
-> use acroding the the text file. otherwise go nuts.

Test version 0 :

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To be honest - these textures look way too rusty and blurry, and it spoils them so much that they cannot look good to me. Good textures need to have a distinct character, but as it seems, you're more likely going towards a tangle of pixels. Sorry, that's how I see it.

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No need to 'appologize', opinions are here to be heard / read.
Maybe next TEST version it might be less pixelated, after i get some more in with a basic idea and then to build on that.

kind of hard to balance early 90's looking with what i envision via tests, and not to go overly detailed or to bland and flat. I just need to get in the zone for this early wip.

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If I can give you an advice, try to work with a wider scale of colour shades, distant from each other. You must realize that due to the way how the engine handles light levels, your textures often blur into almost a single colour in any light level below the maximum.

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