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Help with Nodes

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Hello fellow doomers, I'm in need of your help with the nodes in my map.

I have never built a map with more than 1500 sectors and more than 14000 linedefs before and im facing a problem now when doombuilder 2 must built the nodes, it fails to build them and I don't know why. I will like to know some tips to avoid this since I want to put more rooms in this map.

I use ZenNode as my nodebuilder in DB2.

Hope you can help me, cheers.

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From the sound of things, your map is likely exceeding the original segs limit. Segs are created when your nodebuilder splits sidedefs into smaller chunks for rendering, so every 1-sided line creates at least 1 seg, and every 2-sided line creates at least 2 segs, often more.

A lot of modern source ports allow the original limit of 32767 segs to be doubled. If I recall correctly, ZenNode doesn't support this, which is probably why it's choking on your map.

Nowadays, ZDBSP with the -extended parameter (or just -X, case-sensitive) is probably the best option for maps that exceed the segs limit. Its extended nodes format is supported by a lot of common ports like ZDoom (and its offshoots like GZDoom and Zandronum), PrBoom-Plus, and Eternity, so you can use it without sacrificing compatibility. It actually allows you to even exceed the doubled 65535 segs limit, as long as you remain within the hard limit of 65535 sidedefs in Doom's map format (though even this can be stretched to an extent via Doom Builder's automatic compression of identical sidedefs in large maps).

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