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[MAP RELEASE] Monolith

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[*Cross Posted from ZDOOM Fourms*]
[This was originally released april 12, 2014. Yes, I know i'm a little late.]

Hi all, this is probably the first map I have ever released. Just to let you know, It works in Zdoom and Zandronum and you need to play this in Doom 2 for everything to work properly.




Mediafire Link



MaxED = GZDoom Bulder

sirjuddington = Slade3

Tormentor667 & Graf Zahl = Auto Rifle Zombie

FuzzBallFox = Extra lights textures

Erik Alm = Music from scythe 2

Team TNT = Final Doom (One texture taken from plutonia)

Id software = Doom 2 (Rip and Tear!)

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I think this map would be cool in 2005 (very "Simplicity"-like) but nowadays people will complain that it's way too linear, flat, copy-pastey and corridor-heavy (almost Wolf3D-like, just with lots of borders and wall panels, etc) and that the gameplay is just "shooting small groups of monsters in front of you", i.e. the player is never put under a crossfire and can just shoot at the enemies while slowly moving back and strafing a little bit. Maybe check out Plutonia 2 MAP02 for an example of more interesting monster placement where they attack you from behind, up, below, etc.

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Not much of a ZDoom guy but the Scythe 2 inspiration is pretty clear from the screenshots. Looks cool :)

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I really like the map and, as reported on the ZDoom forum, it actually uses very few ZDoom specific features (basically just the rifle zombie IIRC) so, just for the hell of it, I took them out and played the map in Risen3D.

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After finishing DMP2013's Boom mapset, I thought it was time to take a look at this debut map of yours as a bonus stream.

Overall I thought Monolith was an alright map for a newcomer. The only thing that piques my interest is whether the non-secret finding ammo drought was intentional in the first half of the map or not, as I found myself having to resort to some infighting about 5-6 minutes into the map.
Some of the people in the stream chat also thought your map bore some resemblance to map 11 of Scythe 2 (the same map you used the music from!), which I cannot comment on having not played that wad....yet.
The map could perhaps have used one slightly devious trap at one point, but the gameplay flow was good (aside from my ammo drought period) overall and had some nice architecture going for it. No obnoxious overuse of chaingunners/Revenants either, which I personally liked.

Get yourself signed onto NOVA 2 when it's announced, would like to see more from you in the future!

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