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Looking for a non over-the-top gore mod

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To start: Hello Doomworld forums, and thanks for authorizing me to post!

Anyways, I've recently been looking for a blood/gore mod to implement a zdoom compatible setting. However, I want one that is subtle, unlike nashgore.

Nashgore is okay, but the blood flies out over huge distances in big, gut-like globs.

Brutal Doom and Ketchup... I mean... nice (?)... but not for traditional wads.

I came across this a few weeks ago

This seems to be a rudimentary version of what I'm looking for; blood particles coming our and falling to stick to the ground. Basically particles and blood sprites from impact staying, not disappearing.

Alas.... the download link is broken.

Would anyone be so kind to link me with a different mirror or a different mod similar to what I'm looking for?

Thanks :^)

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Mr. Chris said:

It may not have chunky giblets or blood everywhere, but what I put together might be up your alley.

It's beautiful, but unfortunately, it only makes me want a blood mod even more just to go with it. ;^(

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Yeah... Edge is always finicky to me, as well with limited mapping possibilities.
Not to mention, I don't think this is what I'm looking for. This seems to me like executions, but not brutal doom.

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