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New map01 TO FREEDOOM2 !

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this tread dont duplicate http://www.doomworld.com/vb/freedoom/65652-map01/

This's a new map to freedoom2 but why only to doom2? i used phase 2 textures and phase 2 weapons (for deathmatch).

I targeted this map to be very simple to begginers like how to open door and use switchs and to kill monsters too, like you'll face 1 zombieman and later more other zombie and etc on end of map he will face a imp but to experienced players have more monsters spread around we have 2 simple secrets to new players know how to find them i hope of it help new players and to not duplicate phase 1 - e1m1


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Nice level, but the HOM indicator is flashing badly throughout the entire map!

Edit: Never mind, ran it with the wrong IWAD, sorry!

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