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LF> Doomers to join us in MP footage for 'CoD vs DOOM'

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Xegethra said:

I'm not against modern FPS games in that I hate them, I rather just don't get thrilled by them. There's a lot of them out there I don't get into like the already mentioned Call of Duty games and Halo games.

FPS games from the Doom era I will most likely enjoy, up until the mid 2000's sort of spot...then gaming as a whole kinda dried up for me. Sure there are indie games out there, and yeah some of those are cool but over all I play less modern games.

same here, i've said several times that doom's movement is what sets it apart from modern shooters, those feel like walking through mud to me. same for having 50 shades of assault rifles, i miss the variety. well, i play newer games too, but most of my gaming time still goes to doom, wonder why i built the new pc in the first place :p

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Supplesnap said:

My goal by the end of this project...

...If I didn't answer well enough, I sent a PM that might help.

Thank you for your answer. It's very clear and I have a much better idea where you are heading with this. I'm also much more interested in the project as a result and look forward to seeing how things work out with it. No need for further PM-ing. You covered everything that I wanted to know. Thanks. :)

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I have to ask, is this for a college project or something? what made you want to do something like this completely at your own expense? who do you mean when you say "we"? how will you be sharing this documentary with everyone? (I assume not youtube since you said no advertisements.) and how far along are you with this? can we expect to see it in the near future?

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40oz said:I have to ask, is this for a college project or something? what made you want to do something like this completely at your own expense?

This isn't for college or anything like that, but there are several other reasons for this project.

I want better products on the market, and innovation and quality are the first victims in a dictated video-game industry. The sooner Call of Duty is dethroned and meant for a niche of consumers instead of the majority of the market, the better it will be for developers and gamers as a whole. The Modern Warfare series is beginning to feel like a single-player semi-interactive war propaganda (Davis Family Vacation), and a multi-player unbalanced hate factory. I also have an intense hatred for sleazy business tactics that take advantage of uninformed consumers.

40oz said:who do you mean when you say "we"?

There are currently four people under Supplesnap; myself, my partner, an extreme fitness enthusiast, and a quiet philosopher type. We also met some nice and helpful supporters who have been really resourceful, suggesting mods, maps, and points for us to add. At this point, I would say 'we' is Supplesnap and anyone else who cares about the project.

40oz said:how will you be sharing this documentary with everyone? (I assume not youtube since you said no advertisements.)

Youtube was actually my first choice. If we don't monetize the video, it shouldn't have advertisements even on Youtube, and it gets the accessibility of Youtube; for example, being able to embed it into almost anything.

40oz said:and how far along are you with this? can we expect to see it in the near future?

I would say the content is about 90% complete, revising is around 40% complete, and I won't know how much of filming is done until the final revision is ironed out. I'm hoping to have this done within two months, but it could take a lot longer depending on whether or not I'm satisfied with the result.

I'm going with a 'when it's done' philosophy on this one, since gamers know all too well what happens when something is rushed to completion.

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Cool, this all sounds very fascinating and I'm quite looking forward to it. I'm notoriously unsatisfied with pretty much every shooter I see so I hope something like this makes some sort of impact.

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Updates on Script:

The title of the video has been renamed to Call of Duty vs DOOM, to follow alphabetical order and to avoid being seen as biased.

The final organizational format is done, so the content is pretty much falling into place at this point. The stock (unmodded) and modded segments that were previously isolated to separate segments of the video have been condensed together for added coherency, and it's made adding and organizing content much easier.

Updates on Recording:

The servers we'll be recording on will be going up right after a decision is made about what mods will best capture the multi-player experience. Your suggestions are welcome for this decision! After that, we set up the flags and the servers will all go live.

The servers will remain online even when recording sessions aren't in progress, but I tend to keep Doomseeker or IDE on my second monitor- if I see the server populated, we're likely join and record either in-game or as spectator.

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Hell, I'd suggest a Dwango or UDM team deathmatch. That's a far more "pure" respresentation of multiplayer Dooming. Brutal Doom is fun, but it kinda takes away from the whole impact of this video. Since it's Doom vs CoD, it'd be kinda counter productive to use a mod that takes lots of inspiration from CoD in the first place.

I guess all doomers have their preferences though, I tend to sit more on the vanilla side of the fence, especially where DM is concerned.

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I need stock and modded multiplayer footage. There will be quite a few recording servers, haha. I just uncovered a really well-crafted DragonBall Z gameplay conversion, and even that needs a server.

But there will be stock gamemode servers, as well as servers with gamemodes that take advantage of stock gameplay like Master of Puppets Cooperative.


For anyone who would like to add me, whether it's to keep me working on the project, find out more about it, make suggestions, or keep up to date, you can add my Steam here:


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