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Want to add these feature in a space battle wad

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Hey I'm really interested in making something in the space battle genre and here are the features I want to include.

1. Making a class that moves like a space ship
What I want
1) Speed control similar to Mechwarrior

2) Limit Mouselook so that turning takes more work or arrow
keys and make mouse look actually look around the ship

2. The player needs to control 2 different classes throughout the
wad for the player the other for the ship. That way controls don't
get funky and I'd like to have them keep two separate inventories

3. I'd like the automap displayed in the corner one for each class the
Ships would be like the traditional automap where the humans would
serve only as a radar and no actual map though maybe keep original

4. Weapons that can upgrade without a future upgrade replacing the last
such as a damage upgrade not overriding a range upgrade.

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1. Shouldn't be a problem, with a FLOAT flag for a flying actor.

1.1) Not sure what you mean, but I guess it'd require ACS scripts to alter player's speed ingame, based on pressing keys which would require new key bindings. Both is possible, but may be complicated to make.

1.2) Looking ALL around (ala Descent) is impossible even in GZDoom. The screen cannot rotate or display upside down, you might have a problem here. I also doubt you could distinguish behaviour between arrow keys and mouse for a rotating movement.

2. No problem to create two different player classes, but it might not be easy to managable switch them ingame. That thing can be done only by Morphing, either by this ACS function or through DECORATE.

3. Cannot help here, I'm not sure how much you can actually do with the automap definition.

4. I can only recommend an elaborated system of using custom dummy Inventory classes, giving, taking and checking for it and doing respective state jumps within the weapon definition. It sounds complicated, but most complicated weapon actions usually use such a trickery. Maybe there would be a simpler solution than I know.

That's about what I can say, I know a lot from ACS and DECORATE, but it's quite possible that I'm advising you overcomplicated solutions, as I don't master everything, by far not.

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1. I know how to make it fly just needed to know if my ideas to make it
feel more real is possible.

1.1) Basicly the + and - key would change the set speed and the actor
would continue at the speed until its interupted by an object or
wall. But I wanted it to accelerate instead of automaticly moving
at full speed.

1.2) My ideas (I don't know if I can do this) make the ships cockpit
sprite always face 1 direction no matter what your direction is
and make the sprite much longer than the screen. The other idea
was the same but with a 3d model instead of a sprite.

2. Morph sounds perfect :)

3. All I know is there is a port that does this automatically but thats
not what I'm looking for I want Gzdoom and Zandronum support.

4. I'll have to look into this one later it scares my brain. I will

Thanks :)

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