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A lonely deathmatch map

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After a 5 month mapping abstinence as well as Doombuilder being as uncooperative as it could be, here's a thing.

Name: Gallop
Mode: Deathmatch
Port: Boom compat
Build time: <6 hours
Notes: Doesn't play very well. I built the entire map, and had absolutely no idea what to do with it, so I arbitrarily added some deathmatch spawns, some weapons, and called it a deathmatch wad,

Recommended size, if by any chance this amount of people can even get together for this, is around ~8 players.



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The map is good for 4 players up, but it could fit 8 comfortably. You know those huge, wide open DM maps from the 90's? This looks like if you took one of those and made it look much nicer.

This type of map would be great in a DM compilation. I believe Springy is interested in another Dwango-like project.

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I like this map. It has a Greenwar layout which is awesome. I haven't play tested this against bots yet, but I can tell that it has some good potential.

You should look to submit it to this Deathmatch Project hosted by DoomRenegade: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/68042-deathmatch-project/

I think he would definitely like it. Good job! :)

@Doomkid, check your PM!

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