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DEATHMATCH Guns! [dm_guns.wad]

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/idgames link: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=combos/dm_guns.zip

Hey there, Dooming friends.

This wad I've whipped up comes from a desire for fresh guns that aren't over the top. I've seen many mods out there like Brutal Doom, Real Guns Advanced and even Burl Tumd, and while they're all REALLY fun, they seem to make things just a tad too unbalanced for Deathmatch play, which is my favorite aspect of Doom.

I wanted to keep the guns feeling very classic and DOOMy, while souping them up just a tad and keeping them fair. The fist is now a bayonet that deals just over double damage. The pistol is now a machine gun, so no more running arround with the pea shooter! The shotgun is now automatic, making it a fair fight against the SSG, which is also slightly more powerful. The chainsaw now has 2 blades - the most unoriginal idea in Doom history, but damn, I love it anyway. It deals double damage as well, of course.

The guns are compatible with Zandronum, Zdaemon, Odamex and Doom Legacy.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7r3j7i60eeodap0/dm_guns.zip


For the most part they're modified alpha sprites, the ones that I thought looked good enough.

Also included are a skin pack and Deathmatch SFX pack - No tiny sprites, no invisible sprites, and no imps or barons or anything like that - Just stuff that keeps it fair while adding a bit of customization and humor. DM_skins.wad and DM_sfx2.wad only work in Zdaemon and Zandronum, sorry Odamex/Legacy users.

I hope you all like them! :)

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I'm really liking the modifications.

The Automatic Shotgun is the most satisfying.

I'm surprised this was overlooked and no one bothered posting about it.

Also...What the hell is up with your gib sound effects?

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Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback.

Lmao, that gib sound is from Dwango6 / B and B, I just threw it in for the hell of it.

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